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11 Great Reasons That Justify Incentive Travel

The Incentive Federation shares 11 powerful reasons to justify the spend on incentive travel

Don’t let the glow from Global Meetings Industry Day last week fade away. The case that incentive travel is essential to business is an argument that needs to be made constantly. And to help you make your case to any decision-maker who is still on the fence, consider these facts from the Incentive Federation:

  1. Some 38 percent of all U.S. firms with more than $1 million in revenue use incentive travel to motivate their people and partners.
  2. U.S. firms spend more than $14 billion annually on incentive travel.
  3. The “Net Optimism Score” for incentive travel in the fall of 2016 was 26 percent, meaning the industry is still moderately positive about the outlook for incentive travel.
  4. As of fall 2016, per-person incentive travel budgets are most commonly between $3,000 and $4,000, although about 40 percent of the industry spends more.
  5. The average per-person spend has increased by 5 percent annually since fall 2014.
  6. The most commonly selected destinations for incentive group travel are now the U.S.A., Caribbean, Mexico and Europe, showing a return to long-haul destinations.
  7. Analysis shows that the economic Net Optimism Score for incentive travel tracks closely with overall U.S. economic performance, often acting as a leading indicator.
  8. Almost 60 percent of planners have experienced some form of disruption in their events, and estimate that almost a quarter of their events have been affected in some way.
  9. Planners view “Flawless Execution” as the No. 1 way their most trusted hotel partners add value; hoteliers view “providing a strong vision” as the No. 1 way their most trusted planner partners add value to the relationship.
  10. Although planners and organizations are enthusiastic about wellness, there is often a disconnect in implementation.  The top wellness inclusions in meetings today are reduced calorie drinks, healthy snacks, smoke free properties, free access to fitness facilities, and frequent breaks.
  11. On average, employees most selected “large award” (i.e., delivered after a year-long effort or major accomplishment) was travel and experiences--beating out cash.
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