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Special Events

Budgets up for event marketing

Budgets for event marketing should hold their own or rise this year as both brand-owning companies and the event agencies that they hire invest to impress consumers.

According to the latest "Event Marketing Trends Report" from PROMO Magazine, sister publication to Special Events Magazine, 38 percent of respondents--including both brand owners and event agencies--say they will spend more this year than last to host events.

Forty-four percent say they will spend the same amount this year as in 2005, while 8 percent say they will spend less.

When it comes to spending on event sponsorship--where a brand takes part in an event created and hosted by another entity, such as a sports or cultural organization--43 percent say they will spend more this year than last, while 8 percent say they will spend less and 40 percent say their budget will remain the same.

When asked which yardsticks they use to measure return on investment from events, respondents labeled "event headcount" as No. 1, followed by (in order) "register sales data per event days," "future likelihood to purchase," "Internet hits following the event," "samples/coupons distributed" and "length of time engaged."

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