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Recommended Reading for April 9, 2014

Venue Danger, A Legendary Event's Tips, Dealing with the Panicked Bride

Soho Repertory Gala Evacuated After Building’s Support Beam Cracked
Soho Repertory Theater's annual spring gala was almost held tonight at the Angel Orensanz Center, an ornate 19th-century Gothic revival synagogue on the Lower East Side’s Norfolk Street. “It’s a very hip synagogue. This is temple Beth Kerouac,” comedian Richard Lewis joked to Daily Intelligencer upon arrival. Unfortunately, what the synagogue boasted in hipness it evidently lacked in structural integrity: Around 7:15 p.m., a large crack was heard throughout the building …

Atlanta Caterers A Legendary Event Share the Essentials for the Perfect Summer Dinner Party
Throwing a fun and enjoyable party during the grueling months of a Georgia summer can be a challenge. But Atlanta catering experts A Legendary Event have a few tips to ensure a successful summer celebration …

The Perpetually Panicked Bride is the Ultimate Wedding Planner Nightmare
I want to take a moment to talk about the perpetually panicked bride (PPB) -- it's a legitimate label for a syndrome we invented that a few of our clients have earned over the years. It's such a serious condition that we have to joke about it around our wedding planning office, or else, we'd have to start taking out hits on certain brides ... 

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