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Recommended Reading for June 11, 2014

Significant articles for special events professionals this week include fostering loyalty for catering employees, the five top sins of wedding photographers, and the issue of whether an earlier curfew would help curb violence at a 'taste of' festival.

How Caterers Can Cook Up Employee Loyalty

Poached eggs—good. Poached staff—bad. Retaining good employee is a challenge for caterers, who often see their best workers lured away by competitors offering more money.

How to go about retaining staff is the issue, when the next company can offer more money and faster job progress under the guise of role name changes. Solutions Leisure operations manager Sacha Daniel says he is fortunate to have great team members who are passionate and motivated. Listening to them is high on his agenda, and he explains: “An unresolved issue can, for example, lower the motivation and maybe even cause a member of staff to leave out of distrust for their employer.” Hotelier Middle East

Shoot: Five Worst Sins Committed By Wedding Photographers

Trust the writers at the Huffington Post to say what other people think but won't cop to. Wedding planner Sandy Malone lists the five cardinal sins that bad wedding photographers commit—and what they should be doing:

The following five tips are dedicated to all those photographers out there who may be committing some of the cardinal sins I've identified while planning almost 500 weddings in seven years -- take these tips to heart because professional wedding planners like me are advising your potential clients to watch out for these bugaboos. If we see them happen at one of our weddings, we'll probably advise them not to hire you. Huffington Post

City of Cincinnati May Impose Curfews at Special Events

A city's "taste of" festival should be nothing but food and fun. But the Taste of Cincinnati, held over Memorial Day weekend, was marred by shootings and assaults near the festival area. Would having an earlier curfew stem the violence?

A different kind of curfew with more cops and more citizens on patrol are just a few ideas to stop random teen violence.  The kind that happened on the fringe of the Taste of Cincinnati Memorial Day weekend.  Some want to ensure future summer events are safe. The six assaults that were random beatings involving teen violence is something the city said will simply not be tolerated. WKRC Cincinnati

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