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5 must-haves for flawless ground transportation

5 must-haves for flawless ground transportation

The decor is in place, the appetizers are ready and the program is about to begin … the only thing missing are your guests!

All event planning involves a lot of preparation. But one of the most important (and often overlooked) areas is ground transportation.

Below please find five “must-haves” for securing flawless ground transportation for any event:

1.  Reliability: Select a service that commits to a reliability rate, and is transparent about its on-time ranking.  Why gamble with your time?  Choose a service that knows how valuable and important it is.

2.  Customer SupportFind a ground transportation company that can book the reservations, prepare a written manifest for the event and confirm the details in advance.  It is important that the ground transportation’s event service department is responsive and reactive to the many contingencies that often accompany even the most carefully executed event plan.  Because, of course, plans change!

3.  Vehicle Options:  What type of cars do you need?  Will you require sedans for every guest?  Limos or vans for larger groups?  A combination of sedans, SUVs and limos?  Choose one company that ensures premium vehicles, provides quality service and can manage all of your transportation needs.  Just remember, one size rarely fits all!

4.  Customization:  Look for a service provider that can customize a package for you based on your needs and budget.  Do you need the cars on call for the entire event or available for only drop-offs and pick-ups?  Can people wait to be taken to a location or does everybody need to go at once?  Work with a ground transportation company that specializes in events and will help you service your guests by providing real-time tracking of the rides taking place.

5.  Availability Worldwide:  Whether your event is in Gotham City or Greensboro you need a car service that is reliable and trustworthy. By choosing a car service with worldwide coverage, you know you’ll be getting the same level of consistent and reliable experience no matter where your event takes place.

With the proper preparation and planning, events can run smoothly and be a success. After all, the last thing you should worry about on an important day is whether you and your guests will arrive on time. Be sure you to consider the impact that solid, professional ground transportation can have on your event overall. Apply the above tips while choosing a service and watch your guests have a memorable experience.

Omayra Cruz is director of dlient services for GroundLink. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in New York, New York, GroundLink is an established aggregator and solutions provider to the ground travel industry. Using proprietary technologies and applications, the company aggregates, manages and executes ground travel services under its own brand worldwide. GroundLink acts as the merchant of record for transactions and is responsible for execution and transaction settlement with all its affiliates.

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