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With apologies to Ducky and Bob!

With apologies to Ducky and Bob!

I had so much fun putting together our where were you in '82" story. As Special Events celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, we've been taking a look back as our industry has flourished since we oriented our first issue, in 1982.

But shame on me: When we ran the image of our very first cover, I neglected to credit the party rental pioneers on that cover: (from left) Linda, Bob and Ducky Firnberg. Our first cover profiled their state-of-the-at showroom in Richardson, Texas.

Then-editor Richard Cerilli explained how the Firnbergs tracked order changes with paper work orders in different colors.

Plenty has changed since 1982, but it's wonderful to see that Ducky-Bob's, now part of Classic, is going strong.

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