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Interacting on Instagram: How event organizers can utilize this top social platform

Amy Mzarek of ShowClixWe live in a time when oversharing is welcome--even asked for at times--and it’s easy to think you can’t go wrong on social media. In the event industry, social networks provide a platform for event organizers and their attendees to interact, share and show off to fellow fans and new audiences.

As the leading app for photo and video sharing, Instagram has become an invaluable tool for event organizers to quickly post exciting visuals before, during and after the event, while providing fans with highlights and a sneak peek of what’s happening. As an event organizer, it’s important to figure out how to make the most of your followers’ limited attention spans and avoid spamming them with photos. 

Below are a few tips event organizers can adopt to utilize Instagram to the fullest--and smartest--to successfully encourage followers and event attendees to participate:

Strong visuals: Snap some shots of the performers, the crowd or fashionable attendees. Ask for permission, of course, and maybe even get their go-ahead to tag their Instagram name! Strong visual content appeals to your fans and will help instill a feeling of intimacy with your event. In turn, it encourages your attendees to capture and share their moments as well.

Event hashtags: Create event-specific hashtags to use alongside your Instagram posts, and then encourage fans to incorporate the hashtag when they share their photos and videos. This is a great way to gather a lot of content around your event in one place, easily browsed by you or your attendees. To accelerate interaction, search for posts using the hashtag, and then you can repost (or “regram”) them from attendees.

Before the event: To get fans excited for the upcoming event, share behind-the-scenes photos and videos with them. Post a photo of your team setting up the venue, a video clip of the band’s sound check, or anything else that gives your attendees a closer look at the event.

Live from the event: Just because the event is under way doesn’t mean you should slow down on Instagram! Share images and videos with your fans from a backstage point of view that isn’t possible from the audience. Also, be sure to engage with fans during the event by liking, commenting and regramming their posts. Tell them what a rad picture they posted, direct them to the photo booth you have on site, or simply tell them to have fun.

After the event: As the event comes to a close, post images to thank your fans for their attendance. Create a flipagram of highlights from the event, or regram other posts from attendees. In the weeks after your event, you can also participate in social media's #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and #FBF (Flashback Friday), posting photos or video to encourage followers to look back at their memorable experiences. Finally, be proactive in promoting your next event by posting a flyer or other image displaying the upcoming event date.

Utilizing these tips when using Instagram are effective ways to boost your event’s social media presence and success without a great deal of effort. Sharing on social networking apps like Instagram can be a powerful tool that gives you perspectives of your own event to share with attendees. It’s also a great way to communicate and connect with your audience, while keeping in touch long after the curtain has closed.

Amy Mrazek is digital marketing manager with Pittsburgh-based ShowClix, a full-service ticketing company offering a software platform can be tailored for various events as well as on-site support teams of event experts. 

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