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LEDs are bright addition to event signage

LEDs are bright addition to event signage

Is the use of event signage through banners, plasmas, projectors, and LCDs becoming a thing of the past? Not necessarily. But as LED walls are getting more affordable and flexible, they are becoming the go-to product compared to traditional banners, plasmas and LCDs.

A well-designed and implemented event signage plan allows a brand, big or small, to stand out from the rest. An LED wall provides eye-catching visual cues with a flawless presentation. The wall’s high-resolution panels allow content for events to be viewed clearly and in detail.

LED walls can be custom-constructed to deliver high-resolution content in a perfect form for events, meetings, nightclubs, concert venues, live stages, exhibit halls and public stages. They can also be used to draw desired attention to strategic messages or other important material.

They have become a lead product due to a reduced carbon footprint in comparison to old-fashioned printed materials. They also allow event professionals to easily change content on site.

LED walls have proven to be the choice in several different settings, due to their vibrant output working very well, both indoors and outdoors, compared to other mediums such as projectors being only 20 percent to 25 percent as bright.

Plenty of variation: LED walls have infinite uses for any event with a few being: interactive presentation tool, scenic design element, event welcoming, sponsor(s) recognition, directional display, branding and social media engagement.

The LED wall tends to be favored compared to other digital signage due to its ability to be constructed in various ways with its adequately sized panels, which are easily designed into different shapes. The panels effortlessly link together to form an extremely flat and seamless video wall. The LED wall’s high-resolution screens allow viewers to be anywhere throughout a space, close or far from the screen(s), and still view high-quality images. The advancements in lightweight LED technology allow the LED wall to be easily transported in standard-size road cases and set up in as little as two hours. The LED wall can be ground-supported or rigged, allowing it to be set up as columns, large displays, or separated into several smaller displays.

Since pricing depends on multiple project variables, most companies create custom quotes for the LED wall and do not publish a general pricing rate.  

Andres Regalado is marketing coordinator at Bay Stage Lighting Co., a Tampa, Fla.-based company that specializes in audiovisual production, creative design and industry rentals. He supports Bay Stage Lighting’s vision and "continuation of building on its 50+ years of experience and heritage of ideas and service as well as its push of the technological envelope."

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