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Plan your next event with these 6 cool event start-ups

Plan your next event with these 6 cool event start-ups

Janet NewenhamCurrently there are an incredible number of new and innovative event apps and tools on hand to help event organizers pull off successful events from start to finish. While there is a plethora of fun event technology to use during your event--such as interactive social media walls and funky photo booths--many people are unaware of the tools available to actually plan event in the first place. Below are 5 great start-ups to help you get your event off the ground.

Rotten WiFi

1. Rotten WiFi

Once you have secured a venue for your event, you need to make sure it has one the most important service needed to pull off the perfect event: WiFi. Lithuanian start-up Rotten WiFi allows you to make a site inspection and check the Internet speeds instantly. To see how the WiFi coped with large numbers of attendees, you can also read reviews on their app from people who have held or attended events at your venue in the past. Their site also gives great insight into large events and technology conferences, evaluating which have the best and worst WiFi.

Virtual Event Bag

2. Virtual Event Bags
The fact that event goodie bags are still in existence is, at times, quite unbelievable. Usually full of junk leaflets and useless, throw-away "gifts," event bags take up so much time to put together before events, and it is definitely time these bags were retired. Enter Virtual Event Bag, a U.S.-based start-up whose aim is to create virtual event bags and offers that can be sent to event attendees before, during and after the event has taken place. These bags are much more effective, filled with cool offers that are both brandable and relevant.

Event Dawn

3. EventDawn

It’s time to get rid of those cumbersome paper binders that event organizers carry around with them. Canadian-based start-up EventDawn is an online service designed for event planning's big ideas and little details. It is an online folder where event organizers can store all their documents, plans, checklists, contacts and everything else related to their event in one easily accessible place. The site also offers the opportunity to communicate with your event participants and check on attendance. They offer a free 20-day trial to new users to familiarize yourself with the tool.


4. Cinebop

Say goodbye to boring, unattractive event invitations and say hello to Cinebop! This brilliant London-based start-up is revolutionizing the world of event invitations and is bringing event invites into the digital age. Their premium brands of digital invitations harness the power of animation, video and special effects to create captivating invites in the form of a cinematic movie trailer. These invites create a more engaging experience for potential attendees, increase the rate of RSVP’s, and can capture and save all attendee information in one place.

Every Event Gives

5. Every Event Gives

Every Event Gives is a way to organize events, send out invitations and give a little back, all at the same time. If you are an event organizer looking to do something good, then you should definitely consider trying out this brilliant, free service. The U.S.-based start-up makes it easy for people and organizations to sell and market tickets for events online, and they give 50 cents for every ticket sold to the charity of the your choice.


6. Boomset

Boomset is a great start-up based out of New York that aims to make the registration and check-in system for events faster, easier and more fun. Their kiosk and badge printing services are unlike any other; to facilitate attendee engagement, guests can check in on custom-branded kiosk stations, snap a selfie, and have their picture and information saved onto a printed name badge in seconds. Boomset would be a great additon to any event and make event registration much more seamless.


Janet Newenham is the community manager at, an online booking portal that offers access to more than 70,000 meeting rooms in more than 100 countries. She has previously worked as both a travel blogger and a technology journalist and is passionate about women in tech, social media and the exciting world of start-ups Contact her on [email protected] or on Twitter @meetingsbooker.

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