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Thanks for the thank-you

I have been grousing to myself after the child of a friend never thanked me.

I had referred the young woman—a recent college graduate excited about the world of special events—to an incredible entry-level event position at a gilt-edged financial services firm. The position was not being advertised; I learned of it from a friend at the firm who asked me for candidates. It sounded nothing like the first job I had out of college, which consisted of making minimum wage ringing up sales in a clothing store and being yelled at by crabby customers.

After I gave the new grad all the contact information, I kept waiting to hear back from her … and waiting …. and waiting …

Finally after a month, the new grad emailed me to ask why she hadn't gotten the job. No thanks, no "what could I do better next time," no nothing.

I asked myself, how could anyone who wants to produce events—which make guests feel valued—forget to say thank-you?

Just when I began to decide my old-fashioned idea of manners must qualify me for a warm shawl and an ear trumpet, I received a thank-you note from the babysitter my husband and I had hired for the first time two days before.

Yes, the high-schooler babysitter.

Not only did she tell me that my children were delightful, but she offered to lower her rates a bit so my husband and I could go out more often.

Guess who is getting hired?

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