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Alan Eingold of Over the Top Rental Linens

What ethics in event rental means to me

Alan Eingold, head of Over the Top Rental Linens, tells Special Events he was inspired by our April 16 article "Do Ethics Matter in Event Rental?"

He was so inspired, in fact, that he wrote this essay:

I have always viewed myself as a very ethical person and sometimes find it difficult in business.

We have always returned checks for double payment, accepted responsibility for mistakes, and not known for the lowest price.

I have found over the years that customers are exactly that, customers. A wide variety of individuals. All walks of life.

Easy and difficult. Honest and dishonest. Upfront and deceitful.

The game of business is to work all those people to your advantage. I don't waste a lot of time worrying about competition or what other people do. I could get wrapped up in their minutia. But I have to worry about my business.

There are enough honest and ethical people who understand how a honest and respectful rental company operates.

Business today is more and more about relationships. That carries thru even more in our industry. There are no do-overs for us.

Someone once told me if you keep all the customers you have, your business will grow.

Ethics as a person carries over to business life, for me and for everyone.

We are no different than any other industry. There are bad apples that do spoil the bunch.

Alan Eingold is president of Over the Top Rental Linens, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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