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Winning with Bonny

Winning with Bonny

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Esprit winner Bonny Katzman "]Esprit winner Bonny Katzman [/caption]My favorite acceptance speech at the ISES Esprit Awards on Saturday was delivered by Bonny Katzman, head of Boston's BK Design, as she accepted the trophy for Marketing/Design Collateral Budget Under $25,000.

She told a story about how losing a competition showed her that the special event industry is unlike others.

After she lost out on an award some years back, the winner contacted her to say that Bonny should have won but didn't because her entry wasn't put together well enough. The winner then sent Bonny her own entry documents for Bonny to use as a model.

Where else, Bonny asked, would competitors work as colleagues to push one another forward to do better?

In special events—that's where.

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