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Although the date 12/13/14 isn't bringing in a landslide of business, it is still shaping up as a strong day for a good holiday party season, special events experts say.

12-13-14 is a Great Date but No Event Landmark

Although the date 12/13/14 isn't bringing in a landslide of business, it is still shaping up as a strong day for a good holiday party season, special events experts say.

Dec. 13, 2014—or 12/13/14—is one of those great, unforgettable event dates. Not only that, it's a Saturday. But is it shaping up to be one of those landmark dates for the event industry, along the lines of the mighty, mighty July 7, 2007 (07/07/07) or second-place Aug. 8, 2008 (08/08/08)? Sadly, the numbers just aren't adding up.

According to an informal poll from Special Events, nearly 90 percent of respondents say that Dec. 13 just isn't shaping up as a red-letter event date.

HELP THE GROOM REMEMBER "Having been a 9/10/11 groom--ostensibly so that I could remember the date-- I expected to see quite a few weddings on 12/13/14, but to date have not booked any," says Rick Nadler, president of Grand Rental Station of Fenton, Mo. "I guess time will tell."

Linda Ly, head Grand Soirees of Irvine, Calif., says that clients with large-scale events focus less on a specific date. "I've had clients discuss memorable dates in the past, but no one has ever gone through with it. The availability of their preferred vendors and their preferred venues has always trumped the date." But, she adds, there are sometimes exceptions: "Couples have been willing to compromise in other areas when the date had personal significance to them, such as their dating anniversary or their parents' anniversary."

But several respondents tell Special Events that even though they see few clients rushing to book the date specifically, Dec. 13 is still a Saturday in what is turning out to be a stronger holiday party

HIGH SEASON "It's in the middle of the two-week company holiday party season, so it will be busy regardless of the date, " says Mike Berk, president of Chicago-based M&M The Special Event Co. "It turns out that my granddaughter's bat mitzvah is that date and because of that it will be memorable. I wish she would have been a little more aware of the industry and had her date the following week so that we could have been able to more fully enjoy the occasion--but it will be great and memorable anyway."

Jack Luft, head of Chicago-based Hall's Rental, agrees. "We have not seen anything yet, but that weekend is always our busiest in December and anything could happen." He adds that a great date always stands out, noting, "My son Joe's birthday is 10/9/87."

However, a handful of event professionals have indeed seen clients ask specifically for 12/13/14.

"Our client booked Dec. 13 in February," notes Rena Puebla, head of Coasta Mesa, Calif.-based Coast Concierge Service. "It is a corporate event for 900 people. So I am good to go!"

"We have received many requests for catering service for the date of 12/13/14," says Dina Biondo Iglesias, director of sales and marketing for Proof of the Pudding, Atlanta.

JUST WAIT TILL 2103 And the date matters, she says. "It's the last sequential calendar date in this century. The next one doesn't arrive until about 89 years from now--01/02/03 or Jan. 2, 2103. We've found that couples love to celebrate their biggest day with memorable dates!" 

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