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Catering Management Book, LED Fixture, TapSnap Photo Booth

Catering Management Book, LED Fixture, TapSnap Photo Booth

New Edition of 'Catering Management' Offered
The fourth edition of "Catering Management" offers both professional and aspiring caterers detailed advice on many crucial aspects of on- and off-premise catering, including operations, sales and marketing, food and beverage service, pricing, menu planning and design, equipment and staff training. The newly revised 272-page edition offers guidance on digital menu and proposal design, new catering industry software, changes in the event market, and modern marketing strategies including networking via social media, web promotion and on-demand proposal development. Also available: "The Professional Caterer's Handbook," "Catering: The Art, Science and Mystery" and "Catering: Tactics, Strategies and Solutions."
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 101 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

Wireless, Battery-powered LED Fixtures New
The new Astera LED lighting fixtures, available from Portadecor, offer a built-in battery and wireless receiver, making them highly mobile and easy to control. Featuring a wireless DMX transmitter, the units provide excellent control over color and mood of an LED setup, according to the company. The modular products are designed to be used in multiple ways to address different event requirements. Accessories are available to provide additional power, control and mounting possibilities.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 102 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

TapSnap Photo Booth Offers Interactivity
The TapSnap photo-booth system integrates a 42-inch multi-touch screen with social media to give event guests a "phototainment" experience, the manufacturer says. The system allows event guests to take their photos with a simple tap of a fingertip on the screen; they can then draw and add personal messages to the photos, and share the results via social media. The images can be branded with a logo, and the service can include a company attendant to help guests. The company offers franchises throughout North America.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 103 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

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