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Party Favor: The Cupcake Bar Offers Custom Cupcakes Photo by Click Chicks

Party Favor: The Cupcake Bar Offers Custom Cupcakes

Lori Schneider has come up with a bar suitable for all ages--a custom cupcake bar.

If you thought cupcakes were cool before, think again. They're now an interactive experience thanks to The Cupcake Bar, created by Lori Schneider of Austin, Texas.

A former caterer, Schneider and her team offer an array of cake flavors and fillings along with 20 frostings and more than 75 toppings—from jelly beans to sprinkles to Pop Rock candies--for special events. Guests belly up to the cupcake bar and pick the "naked" cupcake of their choice. They then direct the bartender what filling to pipe into the cupcake and what frosting to swirl on; guests then pile on their top toppings.

A natural for bar and bat mitzvahs, the Cupcake Bar has also served as a fun alternative to traditional wedding cakes and even at happy hours. The bars can be customized to carry a company's brand.

The Cupcake Bar serves 15 guests minimum, and the maximum? As many cupcake-lovers can fit in the venue! Visit

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