Chef cooks with magic Photo by Sergey Nivens / © Getty Images

Prep, Poach, Print: Is 3-D Printed Food Coming Soon?

Top chefs are now working with 3-D printer manufacturers to create entirely new confections.

The astonishing 3-D printers, used last fall on the International Space Station to manufacture a three-dimensional printed object in space, may be coming to a catering kitchen near you soon. Top chefs are now working with printer manufacturers to create entirely new confections, exhibited at last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:

The 3-D printers used to create everything from industrial prototypes to jewelry are coming to the culinary world. In collaboration with chefs and companies like Hershey’s and Barilla, makers of 3-D printers are experimenting with chocolate, cookie dough, sugar and other ingredients that can be loaded into a printer. The promise of these machines isn’t just mass production, but also an entirely different type of deliciousness. The printers can render ingredients like chocolate and pasta in shapes and textures that have previously been impossible to create.  --Wall Street Journal

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