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Bars will be Big at Holiday Parties This Year, Fallout from Canceled Meeting, Does Hotel Chatter Matter?

Ho, ho, hic! A total of 70 percent of respondents to the latest online poll from Special Events say they expect to serve the same amount or more alcohol at holiday parties this year versus last. Some 28 percent say they expect to serve more booze this year than they did in 2009, while 42 percent expect to serve the same amount. Twenty-eight percent of respondents say they expect to serve less this year …

When a meeting cancels, who gets stuck? It could be just about everybody, according to our sister publications group, MeetingsNet, meaning both attendees and sponsors. See the full story here

Does hotel chatter matter? The nasty critiques of hotels posted on TripAdvisor may come back to bite the site. A British reputation management firm is seeking to organize a lawsuit against TripAdvisor on behalf of its hotelier clients, according to the New York Times, claiming the site doesn't distinguish between opinions and libelous claims.

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