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In Brief for April 8, 2009

In Brief for April 8, 2009

Event pros social networking grows Today, 42 percent of event professionals use online social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, versus 39 percent a year ago. An online poll from Special Events says that while a year ago, 20 percent had "no plans" to try social networking, that figure has fallen to only 8 percent. Today, 30 percent use social networking for their personal life only and 8 percent for their professional life only, compared with 24 percent personal and 4 percent professional last year. Last week, ISES launched its own online ISES Community ...

Bill bashes exec pay, not corporate incentives Our sister publications, the Meetings Group, note that the Pay for Performance Act, passed by the House of Representatives last week, does not target corporate incentives, which have suffered under the "AIG effect." More ...

Are you a great, big caterer? Special Events is preparing the second edition of our "25 Great, Big Caterers" list, which includes major off-premise caterers ranked by sales volume. If you would like to receive a questionnaire, please click here ...

Penguins, no; Cuba, maybe Looking for a unique destination for your group? Forget Antarctica. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for tighter controls on tourism in Antarctica on Monday in order to preserve the continent's environmental and scientific research value. But start thinking about Havana--a bipartisan group of U.S. senators predicted last week that Congress is ready to pass legislation allowing all Americans to travel to Cuba, a ban in place since 1959.

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