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In Brief: Insiders' Guide to VIP Super Bowl Incentives, Keep Your Special Events Issues Coming, Mea Culpa to Metropolis

Insider's guide to Super Bowl incentives The National Football League knows how to treat incentive guests. Our sister publications group, MeetingsNet, has the inside scoop--click here for the full story …

Keep your issues coming! What's life without special events—or Special Events, the publication that's served event professionals since 1982? We're celebrating our 30th birthday this year, and even though paper and postage costs keep rising, you can still receive a print subscription to Special Events—but only if you act now …

Working with our vendors, we have negotiated a low price of $19.95 for a full year's subscription. You must subscribe by Feb. 10 to make sure you keep those print copies coming.

Don't miss out—just click here

Credit to Metropolis Our recap of the Gala Awards Celebration, held Jan. 27 at The Special Event in Tampa, Fla., neglected to credit Metropolis Productions for acts including a lively burlesque show, cigar girls and stilt-walkers, among others. Get a taste of their talents here.

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