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In Brief for June 2, 2010: Who's Sorry Now and What You're Reading

Yes, you’re happy! Just over two-thirds of respondents to a recent online poll from Special Events say that looking back, they are glad they went into special events and can't imagine doing anything else. Eighteen percent say they have good days and bad days. But 14 percent say they regret picking special events and wish they'd listened when Dad told them to go to law school …

Do you have to discount? Independents—is the lousy economy forcing you to discount the price of your services, or are you able to hold the line? Please let us know by taking our latest poll—on the right side of our Web site, right under "Most Popular Articles" …

What you're reading The most Special Events popular articles for May 2010 were:

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Little Budget, Big Looks for Special Events

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Keeping Kids Entertained and Engaged Key to Success for Children's Events

The Good News: Philanthropic Projects from Special Event Professionals

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