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In Brief for March 25, 2009

In Brief for March 25, 2009

FDA warns against serving certain raw Gulf oysters The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Saturday warned foodservice operators and retailers to refrain from selling oysters harvested between Feb. 24 and March 17 from the Mississippi Sound portion of the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people in Chattanooga, Tenn., who ate raw oysters have fallen ill with the norovirus. By law, tags or labeling accompanying the raw shellfish will identify its origin ...

Give us new, not tried-and-true Despite the economic turmoil, event hosts want planners to give them event themes that are new and not the tried-and-true. Two-thirds of respondents say their clients want new themes for their events, according to a recent online poll from Special Events, while only a quarter say their clients want the tried-and-true ...

What catering trends are still cooking? Will eco-friendly catering stay on top even as the economy plummets? Will molecular gastronomy blow up in our faces? Caterers, tell us what catering trends from the last two years will continue in 2009 and how that trend may change to suit the times. Low-resolution images of your culinary creations are also appreciated. Please e-mail assistant editor Christine Landry by Friday, March 27, with your feedback!

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