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Special Events

In brief for Oct. 18, 2006

Scary stuff Are you staging a Halloween party in place of the traditional corporate "holiday" party at year-end? The Special Events Magazine editors are covering this trend. Tell us more via e-mail by clicking here ...

That cake's so rich In a stroke of PR genius, a high-end bridal show promoter in Beverly Hills grabbed national attention Monday with the unveiling of the "most expensive wedding cake in the world," a confection bedecked with $20 million in jewels ...

Fashion Week stays put in park The two acres' worth of tenting that New York's Fashion Week requires can stay in Bryant Park at least for the February shows, but their location next fall is an open question. Bryant Park Corp. wants the shows to vacate, but IMG Fashion, which produces the shows, wants to stay in the popular site. The park group is reportedly angry that the elaborate tent installations deny public access to the park and damage lawns. Lincoln Center has been floated as an alternative, but its footprint is only two-thirds that of Bryant Park.
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