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FAQs on the Gala Awards

Can an event company from anywhere in the world enter the Gala Awards?
Yes! We are honored to receive entries from Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, etc.

I am entering the category “Best Achievement in Logistics.” Do I need to include a budget?
No. Only categories that specifically include a budget figure in the title (such as “Best Wedding: Budget Under $500 Per Guest”) must be accompanied by a budget.

Should I make sure to keep my company’s name out of the descriptions in the entry?
No. The Gala Awards do not require anonymous entries. Our judges have told us that it is often easy to recognize the distinctive work of seasoned event professionals.

The entry form asks for entries to be supplied in three-ring binders, but my part of the world uses four-ring binders. Is that all right?

Can I get my Gala entry returned to me?
No. All Gala entries become property of Special Events Magazine.

Do I have to be a member of ISES to enter the Gala Awards?

Can I enter my event in more than one category?
Yes. Just make sure to target your description to the category you are entering. For example, if you enter a wedding in both "Best Wedding Budget Under $500 Per Guest" and in "Best Floral Design," you should describe all event elements in your description for "Best Wedding," while sticking to floral elements only in your description for "Best Floral." It's never a good idea to submit the same write-up for different categories.

Do I have to have my entry in by the Sept. 10 deadline?

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