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Gala Awards Competition '08 Debuts

Gala Awards Competition '08 Debuts

Special Events Magazine is now accepting entries for its 2008 Gala Awards competition.

This year's competition is open to events that have taken place between Sept. 1, 2007, and Aug. 31, 2008. Events that place after Aug. 31 may be entered in next year's competition.

What's New?

The Special Events Magazine Advisory Board revised some of the rules for this year's competition. Highlights are:

  • entries must be anonymous
  • entries must include a budget and a timeline
  • entries based primarily on donations (e.g., events at The Special Event) are no longer eligible

Also, this year's competition features a broader budget array in the "Decor" categories to include more-expensive decor installations. And, our terms have been made clearer to reflect the international reach of the competition. (For example, the "Best Fair/Festival" category is not a good fit for exhibits at "trade fairs"; these entries are now directed to the "Best Event Marketing" category.)

For all the information and forms you need to enter the Gala Awards, please click here and read "How to Enter This Year's Gala Competition."

Entry forms also appear in the June, July and August issues of Special Events.

Gala trophy by MK Shannon Awards and Rewards

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