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Imagination earns environmental accreditation

London-based event agency Imagination announced this week that it has achieved EN ISO 14001:1996 registration. The makes Imagination one of the few companies in the design industry to subscribe to the prestigious environmental management system, a company spokesperson said.

“This expression of environmental responsibility reflects our involvement in a global marketplace, but it’s also about making a difference by being part of our local community--whether in London, New York or Hong Kong,” explained Paul MacKay, managing director of Imagination Group Limited.

MacKay described the accreditation as an operational philosophy. “For example, it means putting potential environmental impact on our checklist when developing our creative proposals,” he said, “and talking with clients about finding ways of minimizing that impact within the constraints of the brief and budget.”

The company achieved ISO 9001:2000 accreditation in 2002.

“Day to day experience has shown that the quality process formalized by ISO 9001 delivers tangible benefits to our clients,” McKay said. “Registration to both standards represents a powerful, objective endorsement of our core principles and capabilities.”

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