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John Daly honored at Leadership Brunch

Veteran event designer/producer John J. Daly Jr., CSEP, received the Steve Kemble Leadership Award during a special ceremony Jan. 12 at the Ebell Theater in Los Angeles during The Special Event.

The award is given annually to an internally recognized individual or group who has demonstrated excellence in leadership skills through service and contributions to the special event and meetings industry.


In presenting the award, Steve Kemble of Dallas-based Steve Kemble Event Design said, "John Daly has inspired more people to enter this industry, to continue in this industry and to take the next step to become an even bigger part of the growth of this industry than any other individual in our profession. His ever-present positive attitude is like a magnet for gathering positive results." Kemble added, "We are thankful that you continue to be a friend and a leader."

Daly, head of John Daly Inc. International of Santa Barbara, Calif., and Las Vegas, has won many awards over his career in special events, including the Gala Award for Lifetime Achievement from Special Events Magazine.

Photo by Catch the Moment

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