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SEARCH Ready to Serve

The AIDS crisis. Natural disasters. The onset of devastating accidents and illness. Since its inception in 1997, the SEARCH Foundation has reached out with financial assistance and support services to event professionals in need. And as always, the SEARCH Foundation board of directors is on the lookout for those in need.

Applications are available online or through the SEARCH Foundation office to encourage event pros who need help to apply for it. The recent spate of floods and hurricanes has contributed to the current slow economy plaguing the event industry.

But there is more to be done ...

The SEARCH board encourages ISES members to make an announcement at their local ISES chapter meeting and in any event newsletters. Tell members and other industry professionals about the SEARCH philanthropic program and encourage them apply as soon as a need arises. Applicants do not need to belong to any specific industry organization to qualify for aid.

How to apply: Just log on to and fill out an application, or call the office toll-free at 877/777-9340 to request an application. All requests for assistance are treated with complete confidentiality and are reviewed by only one committee on the board. The board's mandate is to allocate financial aid and resources to event professionals in times of crisis.

SEARCH stands ready to help others through the generous donations industry peers and thanks them for their ongoing support.

Photo by Special Events Magazine

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