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Special Events
In Season: Holiday Fun!

In Season: Holiday Fun!

Super SnowGlobe
This Giant Snowglobe is the first of its kind in the United States and features an exciting winter wonderland photo experience like no other. A great photo opp for up to 6 guests – just enter, play, pose and take home a great photo souvenir from SnowGlobe Live!
Artificial Ice Events

From the Ground Up
AirDD has been developing a line called Ground Ups which don’t require rigging points. The line includes Star Dust – seen here “dusting” the grounds of the Griffith Observatory’s 75th Anniversary – Lilia Pads and Seaweed. Ground Ups give designers greater freedom when adding ambiance to a space. Lighted from within in any color, the designs are lightweight and ship easily. For rent or purchase.
AirDD Hi-Lights™ by AirDD

The Right Touch for the Holidays
Soft caramels, S’Mores on a Stick, Rocky Road, Marshmallows, Brittles, Fudge Pops and more. Handcrafted with no preservatives. Perfect for favors, dessert buffets and corporate gifts.
Artisan Candies
[email protected]

Decorate with Deco Beads
These attractive beads absorb water and can be used in a variety of attractive displays. Less expensive and more attractive than marbles, the translucent beads are available in 10 colors and in extra-large sizes.
JRM Chemical Inc.

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