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Special Events

Special Events News Briefs for May 12, 2010

Let's get smarter Special Events is helping develop scholarly research on leadership styles of major special event companies. If your company wants more information on how to participate in the study, please click here

Suppliers: Have your filled in your Special Events Buyers' Guide form? June 1 is the free listing deadline—don't be left out! Just click here. And make the most of your listing with an eye-catching ad or enhancement. It's easy to do—find out more here

Interns in special events According to the latest poll from Special Events, 31 percent of respondents are using interns more this year than last. Some 45 percent are not using interns more this year than they usually do, and 22 percent say they don't use interns at all. Take our latest poll: It's on Corporate Social Responsibility—it's on the right side of our Web site, just below the "Resource Center."

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