Add it Up: The Real Cost of a Bad Corporate Event Photo by Stokkete / © Getty Images

Add it Up: The Real Cost of a Bad Corporate Event

Even small budget cuts can cause a corporate event to fail, which can be far more costly.

If you're feeling pressured to cut the budget for your next event—don't. Small "fails" can add up to one big failure, and a colossal waste of time and money for a poorly executed event:

Professional meeting planners, who make it their business to create memorable experiences and sweat the small stuff, generally run these top events.  These pros can be internal specialists or outside firms who live, breathe, and sleep corporate meetings and events. In other conferences, often run by internal team members who are not meeting professionals, I see a penny-wise, pound-foolish approach emerge with surprising regularity.  In these cases, the corners are cut, the nickels are saved, but the impact is diminished. Perhaps the biggest cost of little fails is that the focus of attendees is taken off the purpose of the meeting … Forbes

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