Guests stream into the Olympic Stadium in London Photo by Nick Spalding / © Getty Images

Guests stream into the Olympic Stadium in London.

Big-time Event Producer Melanie Fletcher on Secrets of Special Events

Big-time event producer Melanie Fletcher of Done + Dusted discusses how she oversees huge, televised events such as the 2012 Olympics ceremonies in London

Melanie Fletcher, partner of London-based Done + Dusted, has overseen spectacles including the 2012 London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. Up next, the Red Nose Day fundraiser slated for May 21. Here, some insider stories on how she gets her job done:

The work we do is always evolving. It's never boring. You're not doing the same thing twice because in this business you can't do the same thing twice. If you do, you've failed. You need to be creative every day and at the same time be organized and technical. It means the left and right sides of your brain are forever engaged. It keeps you on your toes and interested. --Huffington Post


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