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Rick Jobe Plays it Straight from the Heart

Rick Jobe Plays it Straight from the Heart

Business owner Rick Jobe approaches both his professional and personal lives with passion, commitment and dedication to creating great special events

As the owner of Jobe & Associates, a multi-discipline creative firm in Dublin, Ohio, Rick Jobe has produced large, multi-day events with huge budgets and plenty of opportunities to think creatively. But when asked what event he’s most proud of, he’ll tell you that it is his eldest daughter’s high school graduation party.

Suffering an illness, she went through more than a year of brain scans, doctor visits and long nights in the hospital. So when it came time to celebrate, Jobe called his friends in the industry and set up an unforgettable party—catering, tents, rentals, the works.

“Seeing her thrive and thoroughly enjoy every minute of the day was such a gift,” Jobe says. “We’ve all had those moments in the heat of an event where we pause and think, ‘Yep, we nailed it.’ That thought and spirit of the day ran consistently throughout the event.” Recently, Jobe asked his now-senior-in-college daughter if she could relive any day in her life--she chose that party.

Jobe’s wholehearted approach to event planning has served him well during his 21 years in business. The 10-person team at Jobe & Associates produces events all year long, in addition to offering marketing services, incentive management and promotional products. Jobe adds that he has had a lifetime of experience as the go-to guy for organizing events for family and friends. “For me, leading with my heart seems to be my go-to approach with most projects and challenges,” he says. “Having compassion is a blessing, but knowing how and when to use it is a skill.”

Jobe didn’t always embrace the passion for planning. Right out of graduate school (he has a BS from Ohio Northern University in public relations and communication arts and a MS from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in PR and marketing communications), he worked in marketing at a Caterpillar truck dealership, where he bore the brunt of responsibility for planning the company’s annual sales meetings. “I never realized how doing so many things for a company meeting would eventually launch my own company,” he says.

As time passes, Jobe has noticed that his marketing and communications background is becoming increasingly more relevant now that clients are asking for more than just a beautiful room and good food. “They expect the design to surprise them, convey message and let them escape all at the same time. And, they demand flawless execution,” he says. “Coming from a PR and marketing communication background, it’s always made sense to me. Now, everyone is expected to understand and execute key messaging throughout special events.”

But none of that can come together without a dedicated and honest team, people who can get you to “take a hard look in the mirror,” Jobe says—but also the kind of people who will help you plan your daughter’s graduation party.

“Most event professionals have figured out that you have to strive to follow one of the hardest business rules in life: Do what you say you’re going to do,” he says. “I am very lucky and blessed to have so many great professional relationships with people who do just that, and they consistently deliver.”

Yep, he nailed it.

Jobe & Associates 5995 Shier Rings Road, Suite B, Dublin, OH 43016; 614/798-JOBE (5623);


“The first business owner I worked for made me understand that the world didn’t owe me anything because I had a degree. I had to adjust my perspective and acknowledge that I’m not the only creative person on the planet, but I was the only person responsible for how I used the gift.”


“The advent of an ‘HGTV mentality’ has heightened the creative awareness of clients. They’ve all seen these phenomenal ‘before-and-after’ design shows for kitchens, houses, yards and bathrooms, so making that jump to a ballroom or venue isn’t that difficult. They want a transformation, and they want it to be creative.”


“Get over yourself. If you’re really that good, show your boss, your client, your peers how good you are by continuing to look at how you can contribute. It will eventually be your turn to shine.  Stop focusing on when it will come, and learn how to operate the spotlight.”

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