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Secrets of Post-Event Surveys: Stop Wasting Everyone's Time Photo by Andrey Popov / © Getty Images

Secrets of Post-Event Surveys: Stop Wasting Everyone's Time

Four tips on conducting effective post-event surveys from PCMA.

All event pros know they have to measure the effectiveness of their events, and surveys are regarded as a great way to do that. But bad survey questions yield bad survey results. Here, some tips to keep in mind from PCMA:

Meeting planners count on surveys for insights that drive attendance and engagement. Unfortunately, designing and sending surveys can come with plenty of challenges. At Convening Leaders 2015, crafting effective questions and increasing response rates were hot topics. Here are four of the most common problems with post-meeting surveys and recommendations on how to fix them.

The Problem: Surveying just to survey. Sending some questions can make attendees feel like you're listening, but designing a survey is not about looking like you care. It’s about identifying opportunities for change. “The questions you ask much drive change in your events,” David Saef, executive vice president, strategy and marketworks at GES, said. “If you’re not intending to change something, don’t ask questions about it."  --PCMA

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