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The Big Mermaid Makes a Splash at Parties

The Big Mermaid Makes a Splash at Parties

Professional 'mermaid' Linden Wolbert entertains both children and adults at special events

Want to make a splash at your next special event? Then think about hiring a real, live mermaid to entertain your guests.

Linden Wolbert isn't just a pretty face who's also a great swimmer. Instead, she can dive to depths of 115 feet on a single breath, and has a 5-minute breath hold. She has performed everywhere from backyard pools to ocean swims with whale sharks, dolphins and jellyfish.

A natural for children's parties, Mermaid Linden can keep kids entertained for up to three hours with games, music, story time, waterproof tattoos, and party favors from the "treasure chest."

But she hooks guests at corporate events too. Adults love it when she dives to the bottom of the pool to retrieve shells or coins; these items can be numbered to correspond to door prizes. At one event, a Lucite dance floor on stilts was constructed over a swimming pool, so Mermaid Linden could swim beneath the guests.

She brings her own "shell" speaker to play her "mermaid music" soundtrack. And to "fin-" ish it all off, she has a complete wardrobe of mermaid tails. Visit

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