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Onstage, Everybody! Cisco and GPJ Rock the Audience

Onstage, Everybody! Cisco and GPJ Rock the Audience

Any rock fan is proud to say, "I'm with the band." And the 2,000 attendees at communications giant Cisco Systems' final-night party in Boston last month could say just that, as the Cisco event team partnered with George P. Johnson Experience Marketing to get guests in on the act.

The final night of the three-day networking event saw guests enter Boston's Wang Theatre for what they expected to be a conventional evening of food and music. After the initial reception in the Grand Lobby, guests followed performers into the theater. But here, guests saw a sexy lounge onstage, along with a Kabuki drop. Then, a guitarist started to play, and suddenly the curtain dropped to reveal the 16 members of the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra, renowned for pumping out covers of monster hits from Queen, the Who and David Bowie.


Guests joined the band onstage and were "just riveted," notes Cisco Systems event program manager Stacy Glavinos. "They got as close as they could to the band."

Attendees who preferred a quieter setting could decamp to a jazz lounge in the lower level of the theater.

Explaining that creating "very innovative and creative experiences" for Cisco is paramount, GJP special events director Richard Toscano says the event's greatest accomplishment was "taking this business crowd and creating an emotional connection." The guests became "more passionate about the Cisco brand, and connected emotionally with it."


See what the event looked like; just click here.


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