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Special Events
Custom carpet from American Turf and Carpet

Custom Carpet, Foodie Scavenger Hunts, Interactive Table

New products for special events include custom carpet from ATC, a foodie scavenger hunt from and an interactive table from SpinTouch

ATC Creates Custom Carpets for Holiday Events

American Turf and Carpet offers custom rugs, runners and carpets for special events at the holidays. Options include monograms, holiday patterns, corporate logos and colors, and more. ATC provides fast turnaround with high quality, the company says.
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Smart Hunt

'Foodie' Scavenger Hunts Offered by SmartHunts

The "Foodie" scavenger hunt from relies on Apple iPads and the company's proprietary apps to give an extra high-tech edge—including GPS tracking and social media--to the competition. Teams sample local foods and drinks while touring historic and scenic points of interest in the destination city.
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Interactive table

SpinTouch Introduces Mozayo Interactive Table

The Mozayo interactive table from SpinTouch features a zero-bezel continuous glass surface designed to showcase multi-touch applications. The table has a simple plug-and-play setup with secure PC storage, according to the manufacturer. It offers cross-platform software support including Windows, Linux and Mac.
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Don't wait—you have until Nov. 23 to get more information on these items.

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