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How to Handle Negative Client Feedback

With the right approach, criticism can make your business stronger.

In a recent article for Catersource, speaker and consultant Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting talked about what to do with negative client feedback. No one likes to hear that a client’s experience wasn’t to their liking, but with the right approach, that criticism can make your business stronger. Ely interviewed a few industry leaders and found the best way to handle negative feedback: 

  1. Take a breather before responding. 
  2. Clarify the dispute first. 
  3. Apologize (even if you’re not at fault). 
  4. Respond in a timely manner. 
  5. View it as a valuable lesson. 
  6. Adjust your operations accordingly. 
  7. Let it go and move forward. 


To learn more about each of these actions, read the full article here

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