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LED Bulbs Now in AirDD Fixtures, New Black Jack Portable Fan, Events.com Online Event Management System

New products for special event professionals include decor lights featuring LED bulbs from AirDD, the portable Black Jack fan from Big Ass Fans, and the user-friendly online event registration system from Events.com

AirDD Hi-Lights
AirDD Offers LED Bulbs in Hi-Lights Fixtures

Starting in April, most AirDD Standing Hi-Lights fixture will be available with LED bulbs. LED bulbs are twice as bright but consume less power than standard bulbs, and are also more durable. As a result, event designers will require fewer bulbs for each fixture.
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Big Ass Fans Black Jack Fan

New Black Jack Fan Designed to Offer Versatility
The new Black Jack portable fan from Big Ass Fans is designed to offer effective airflow in a unit small enough to be used in many settings. The fan's 6.5-foot frame fits through standard interior doorways and plugs into any 110-volt power supply, the company says. The unit moves air up to 120 feet quietly, according to the company.
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Events.com Debuts Online Event Management System
Events.com has launched a new cloud-based online event management platform designed to service events both large and small. The "mobile first" program was created to work well on mobile devices, and promotes the event's brand instead of the software's brand. The system improves the event's cash flow by sending remittances twice per month, instead of making organizers wait until registration has closed.
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Don't wait—information on these products is available only until April 21.

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