Special Events
CORT Hollywood Regency line

New CORT Wilshire Collection, Roasted Duck Legs, Wearable Touch Interface

New special event products include the Wilshire Hollywood Regency style furniture from CORT, roasted duck legs from Maple Leaf Farms, and an interactive wearable device from MUV Interactive

CORT's New 'Wilshire' Furniture Line Features Hollywood Regency Look

The new Wilshire Collection from CORT Events features a chic Hollywood Regency style. The line includes a sofa, chair, ottoman, padded bench, end tables and accessories.
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Maple Leaf  Farms roasted duck legs

Maple Leaf Farms Debuts Oven-roasted Duck Legs

Maple Leaf Farms has introduced roasted duck legs for chef and caterers. The White Pekin duck legs are lightly seasoned and oven-roasted until tender and juicy, the company says. The legs range from 4 ounces to 6 ounces; each 8-lb. case contains eight three-count vacuum packages for a total of 24 legs per box.
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MUV interactive fingertip device

Wearable Interactive Device New from MUV Interactive

MUV Interactive's "Bird" is a high-tech ring-like device that transforms any surface into a multi-touch interface with 3-D interactive capabilities, the company says. Following a simple installation in a conference booth, room or hall equipped with a projector or LCD display, the Bird allows presenters to display interactive content from their PC, tablet or smartphone on any surface, and interact with it--via touch, remote touch, gesture control, voice command, mouse functionality--and hover from up to 100 feet away.
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Don't wait—you have until Aug. 31 to get more information on these items.

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