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paperplate style melamine plates from American Metalcraft

New Melamine 'Paper' Plates, Non-tempering Coating Wafers, Rental Software Integrating RFID

New products for special events include melamine 'paper' plates from American Metalcraft, chocolate wafers that do not require tempering from Ghirardelli Chocolate Products Professional Division, and rental software that integrates an RFID tracker from Point-of-Rental

Melamine 'Paper' Plates New from American Metalcraft

New from American Metalcraft, this line of melamine plates features the distinctive rippled edges of traditional paper plates but is far more durable, the company says. Five sizes are available, from 5 7/8 inches up to 10 7/8 inches, along with a 16-inch diameter platter. The plates are dishwasher-safe and stain-resistant, according to the company.
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Ghiraridelli coating wafers that do not need tempering

Ghirardelli Debuts Non-tempering Coating Wafers

Ghirardelli Chocolate Professional Products Division introduces dark chocolate and white chocolate coating wafers that do not require the time and expense of tempering. The wafers are ideal for dipping, drizzling and decorating, the company says.
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Point-of-Rental RFID integration system

Point-of-Rental Software Now Integrates with RFID

Rental operators will be able to reduce labor costs and unbilled asset losses while increasing client satisfaction by using Point-of-Rental's contract fulfillment function with Positek RFID, the company says. Using a Positek reader with RFID-tagged items provides precise counts with instant validation of rental contracts prior to shipping and upon return, according to the company.
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Don't wait—you have until Aug. 10 to get more information on these items.

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