Special Events
American Metalcraft mini chalkboards

New Menu Chalkboards, Cooper's Hawk Wine, Giant iTab Screen

New products for special events include American Metalcraft's mini chalkboards, Cooper's Hawk Winery pinot noir, and Giant iTab interactive screens.

Menu Chalkboard Line New from American Metalcraft

The new line of Mini Silhouette chalkboards from American Metalcraft features a 5-inch pick, making them ideal for displays of cakes and pastries. The company also offers standalone chalkboards in four sizes.
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Cooper's Hawk wine

Cooper's Hawk Winery Offers Highly Rated Pinot Noir

Cooper's Hawk Winery has announced that its Lux Pinot Noir has received a 99-point rating at the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition in San Diego. The medium-bodied varietal boasts aromas of cherry, baked fruits, earth, smoke, lavender and vanilla with fruitful flavors of berries, black pepper, coffee and clove. The company will be exhibiting at The Special Event 2016 in Orlando, Fla.
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Giant iTab

Giant iTab Integrates Content on Touchscreen

The Giant iTab—a sponsor at ISES Live last month—takes existing client content and then reproduces it on oversize touchscreens that provide all the iconic design, gesture controls and user benefits of today's popular handheld devices, the company says. At ISES Live, the system integrated the conference app, its social media feeds and sponsor websites.
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Don't wait—you have until Sep. 7 to get more information on these items.

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