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New 'Paisley Pucci' Linen, Check-in App, Event Marketing Book

New 'Paisley Pucci' Linen, Check-in App, Event Marketing Book

'Paisley Pucci' Linen New from Creative Coverings
The lively "Paisley Pucci" linen from Creative Coverings features a retro paisley pattern in vivid blues and greens. The bold print is available in 132-inch rounds, runners and napkins. The company offers a wide range of linens including lamours, taffetas, velvets, lames and organzas in solids and prints. ISES, NACE and ICA members receive an additional 10 percent off wholesale rental rates, excluding lamours.
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VenueWize Debuts Wireless Check-in App
The new VenueWize wireless app enables events hosts to check guests into events while capturing important data. The system aggregates RSVPs, ticket sales and attendee information from several channels, including online sales, event partners and—coming in May--ticket sales on Facebook. Guest information is compiled onto one real-time guest list accessed by door hosts via iPad or iPhone; Android capability will be available shortly, the developers say. Event hosts can adjust show flow by tracking guest arrival, and post-event can see which event partners brought in the most guests and when.
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Wiley Launches 'Event Marketing' Book
The second edition of the book "Event Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Events, Festivals, Conventions and Expositions" explores event marketing strategies from both a conceptual and a practical standpoint. Author Chris Preston, program leader of marketing for Queen Margaret University's School of Business, Enterprise and Management in Edinburgh, provides information on sponsorship and corporate branding, along with case studies of real-world examples of successful marketing efforts. One chapter of the 320-page hardcover book is devoted entirely to digital event marketing and covers the latest e-marketing strategies. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter provide opportunities for further exploration of key concepts.
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