Aztec Tents Timbertrac

New Timbertrac Frame Tents, 'Draper' Mid-century Modern Furniture, Tiny Single-service Pieces

New products for special events include Timbertrac Frame Tents from Aztec Tents, 'Draper' Mid-century Modern furniture from CORT Events, and tiny single-service pieces from Fineline Settings

Aztec Tents Launches Timbertrac Frame Tents
The Timertrac Collection of frame tents from Aztec Tents features an architectural truss beam design, wood-like aluminum beams, and aesthetic joining plates, producing the appearance of Craftsman-style construction while providing the amenities needed for event specific applications, the company says. New features of the production model include updated engineering, elimination of nearly 50 percent of the bolts needed in the frame assembly, integrated gable end and wall panel options to fully enclose the structure, and a pre-engineered portal brace system that eliminates the need for cross cables in the wall area of the tent system, according to the company.
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CORT Draper collection

CORT Debuts 'Draper' Soft Seating Collection
CORT Events has introduced the new Draper soft seating collection by Lounge22, stressing a mid-century minimalism designed to give events a stylish look. The line includes sofas, chairs, stools, tables and finials.
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Fineline tiny service pieces

'Tiny Tempations' Single-Service Pieces New from Fineline
Fineline Settings has introduced a line of small-scale single-use tabletop products. The line includes oval, circular, rectangle and square shapes.
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Don't wait—you have until Aug. 24 to get more information on these items.

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