Special Events

New Vases with Mercury Glass Look from Accent, Arena's Single Slope Clearspans, Freestanding Backdrops from Atomic

New products for special events include vases with with a mercury glass look from Accent Decor, Arena America's single slope clearspans, and freestanding backdrops from Atomic Design

Accent Decor Debuts Mercury Metallic-finish Vases
The line of Indie vases from Accent Decor feature a bright mercury metallic finish on the outside of the piece. Elegant designs are hand-etched into the finish.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 101 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

Single Slope Clearspan New from Arena Americas

The new Single Slope clearspan structure from Arena Americas, manufactured in house, features a unique visual appeal, the company says. The tall side of the structure offers a large vertical space for customization including branded panels or clear panels to increase natural light. The structure is designed at a 26° pitch and is snow-load capable.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 102 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

Atomic Design Introduces Freestanding Stage Backdrop

New from Atomic Design is the SuperWall system—a ground-supported, freestanding backdrop. The unique ground-support system enables event designers to build the company's SuperWalls to multi-dimensional heights, the company says, without the needs for tools. Depending on the panels chosen, designers can add front, back or internal lighting, or add projection mapping.
For more information, check the box for Reader Service Card No. 103 at www.freeproductinfo.net/se.

Note: Act fast--information on these products is available online only through June 10.

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