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Party Favor: On the Wall

Party Favor: On the Wall

IdeaCloud offers social media walls, which enable event guests to view social media posts while enabling event hosts to tailor event content in real time

The IdeaCloud from Idea Notion is a social media "wall" that enables event producers to display online posts at their events in real time to keep attendee engagement strong.

The wall collects all posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as long as they are ID'd by a hashtag. By giving a prominent showcase to these posts, event organizations can track high and low points, who tweetsoften, which platforms are more popular with the audience, and the event's recurring themes. On top of that, they can adjust their social media strategy to better reach their target audience.

The posts don't have to go just one way. Event organizations can use the walls promote contests and create competitive games centered on tweets and Instagram pictures.

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