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pink ribbon cancer awareness straws

Pink Cancer Awareness Straws, Oversize Ornament, Ultra-low Water Laundry System

New tools for special events include 'pink ribbon' breast cancer awareness straws, an oversize ornament prop, and an ultra-low water laundry system

Aardvark Offers 'Pink Ribbon' Straws for Breast Cancer Awareness
Aardvark Straws offers a special "pink ribbon" straw for Breast Cancer Awareness Month—October—with 10 percent of the sales going to foundations supporting breast cancer awareness and education. The paper straws are FDA-approved, eco-friendly and durable, the company says.
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oversize ornament

Oversize Ornament Prop New from Artificial Ice Events
New from Artificial Ice Events, this oversize "Enchanted Ornament" is 15 feet tall, large enough for up to six guests to step inside and pose for photos. The supported vinyl ornament is continuously filled with air, so it stays inflated even when the door is open. It features a solid steel base and wooden platform.
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Xeros laundry system

Xeros Developing Ulta-low Water Laundry System
Xeros Cleaning is working with drought-stricken California companies including some big hotels to reduce up to 80 percent of water use in their laundry operations. The companies are using Xeros' polymer-bead laundry system, which combines the beads' molecular structure with a proprietary detergent solution to attract and absorb soils. The patented, award-winning system uses 80% less water, up to 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent than traditional systems, according to the company.
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