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Safety Pins, Band-Aids, EpiPen--Should Planners Carry This Medication?

Should events planners carry EpiPens--just in case?

Virtually all event planners bring along some form of emergency kit. But a planner in Charleston, S.C., might have saved her bride's life because the planner provided the bride with an EpiPen, which administers medication to combat anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal:

Brick Lane Catering prides itself on serving “more exotic” dishes at parties, which means chef Charlie Giordano sometimes uses 100 different ingredients to prepare a meal. And at a recent wedding, one of them may have caused the bride to experience a dangerous allergic reaction. “The planner pretty much saved her life,” Giordano says. The bride didn’t have any known allergies, and she made it through the menu tasting without any health issues. But after she collapsed at her reception, every guest was grateful that the planner was carrying an EpiPen. Now Giordano is thinking about whether restaurants and catering companies should be similarly outfitted. --The Post and Courier

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