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Special Events
Special Events Product Gallery for Jan. 27, 2010

Special Events Product Gallery for Jan. 27, 2010

AIFD Debuts Online Design Classes
The American Institute of Floral Designers has launched five professionally produced design education classes conducted online. The program allows participants to work through the course materials at their own pace, within a two-week prescribed time frame. Three of the courses—while available to anyone--were specifically developed as one of the five optional education pathways required for a design artist to enter AIFD's Professional Floral Design Evaluation system, with the goal of becoming a Certified Floral Designer and ultimately a member of AIFD, the association says. Courses include "Introduction to Floral Design," "Elements and Principles of Design" and "Design Techniques and Applications."
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New Linen Options Offered by BBJ
"Chelsea" linen from BBJ Linen (in photo) mixes cerise and citron hues to create a springtime mood. The damask linen offers rich texture, with the extra accent of an iridescent sheer sewn in the background, the company says. The company also offers "Natural Yuma," with the rustic look of burlap but without burlap's scratchy texture and distinctive odor. "White Pearls" provides a custom look but without a custom price, the company says, thanks to its white background accented with iridescent beading.
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PRE Truss System Converts Pools to Party Spaces
Putting a dance floor over a pool is easier thanks to the new truss system PRE Sales, which was introduced at The Special Event 2010 this month. The system—available for sales to event rental dealers—is designed to cover all or part of a pool and installs within two to four hours, the company says. Besides offering a flooring option for weddings, children's parties and other special events, the system is also suited for long-term use, such a putting greens, synthetic ice rinks and outdoor dining areas, according to the company.
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