Special Events
Designs of Distinction Zorb Balls

Zorb Balls Offered by Designs of Distinction, Gerbs from Flutter Fetti, Timesheet Mobile Employee Management System

New products for special events include Zorb Balls from Designs of Distinction, 3-inch gerbs from Flutter Fetti, and a phone-based timesheet system from Timesheet Mobile System.

Zorb Balls Available from Designs of Distinction
In time for outdoor events, Designs of Distinction offers its Zorb Balls—10-foot-diamter balls that guests can climb into, then roll themselves round in designated areas in a race against opponents. The balls come in sets of two.
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Flutter Fetti gerb

Flutter Fetti Offers 3-Inch Gerbs
The 3-inch gerb from Flutter Fetti offers continuous flow in multi-launch positions, enabling confetti launches in venues with either low or high ceilings. Launching a combination of white and silver confetti makes an elegant statement, the company says.
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Timesheet Mobile System

Timesheet Mobile System Helps Manage Off-site Employees
The Timesheet Mobile timekeeping system enables managers to track the working hours and GPS location of their off-site employees. Using any cellphones or smartphones, employees can quickly punch in and out from any job location, the company says. The system is integrated with QuickBooks, making payroll processing easy, according to the company.
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Don't wait—information on these products is available only until May 18.

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