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Go Eco in San Francisco: Tips from Event Expert Dominic Phillips

Go Eco in San Francisco: Tips from Event Expert Dominic Phillips

Dominic Phillips, founder of Dominic Phillips Event Marketing in San Francisco, spearheads socially responsible events with an emphasis on the economical.

Recently, Phillips brought his green know-how to a Slow Food Nation event, a celebration of sustainable and socially responsible food systems, and San Francisco magazine's annual Best of the Bay party. You’ll see his green influence at the upcoming SF Chefs Food Wine and the United Kingdom’s The Soil Association's Organic Fortnight.

Phillips taps these Bay Area organizations to keep waste down and eco-awareness up:


Phillips turns to San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to set up a bike parking area for attendees. For corporate transportation, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation provides eco-friendly fleets using compressed natural gas, propane, hybrid and biodiesel vehicles.

Solar One’s generators charge off-site for a full day of use. On-site, the solar-based units emit no emissions or noise and don’t need refueling.

Excellent Packaging Supplies supplies a broad range of bio-compostable serviceware at competitive pricing. “They have everything you need to serve food and beverage without creating landfill waste,” Phillips notes.

Phillips looks to Food and Water Watch for green food and water distribution policies and procedures. Food Runners prevents excess event food and beverage items from adding to landfills. Once the party is over, Food Runners will collect and distribute these items to agencies in need. “They help us repurpose prepared and packaged foods, raw product and beverages, even sometimes flowers and serviceware,” Phillips says.

Signage, props and giveaways get a second life when given to SCRAP, an organization dedicated to creatively repurposing items that would otherwise just become trash. In fact, Phillips has used SCRAP’s rescued item to create unusual floral arrangements, such as old-fashioned medicine bottles with dried lavender.

SF Conservation Corps monitors waste receptacles and educates guests on which bins to use. The team removes waste from the event and sorts it to make sure no recyclables land in a landfill. With SFCC’s help, Phillips’ landfill diversion rate ranges from 75 percent to 97 percent.

Phillips taps TerraPass for measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of his event on a national level and Friends of the Urban Forest for cutting it down at the local level.

Contact: Dominic Phillips Event Marketing, 300 Brannan St., Suite 610, San Francisco, CA 94107; 415/986-7449;

Have you gone eco in your city? Let us know by clicking here.

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